Dr. Finny Mathews

Dr. Finny Mathews

AIM International Group of Institutions

Chairperson's Message

From time immemorial, the human race has met intense crisis with greatness, innovation and growth. As we walk into a new year and decade, still battling the corona virus crisis – inspirational stories from across the globe are helping us to look forward with hope.

Since March 2020, our staff and students have been demonstrating resilience and determination, as we shifted to online learning through renewed formats and spaces. The teachers have toiled relentlessly to ensure that students don’t lose out on the academic front. And yet, there are some fronts in which the lack of in-person learning may have left several gaps. In this academic year, we will bridge those gaps and bounce back with utmost optimism.

Let us make greater efforts to groom our students’ social skills, promote peer learning, physical fitness and sports. Let us meet the need of the hour with more teamwork in projects, practical demonstration of concepts and application of rigorous structured pedagogy to revive habits of reading, writing and speaking.

Many members and students of AIM International Schools may have been through difficulties at their homes in this tough situation. So, we must move forward with empathy and sensitivity towards each other. Our teachers as mentors have the responsibility and privilege of connecting with each child. The healing and encouraging touch that we provide to students, makes life happier and purposeful. Let us work together to bring back the sunny days.